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Avoiding Toxins in Everyday Products: Reduce, Remove, Recover - Jen Barsamian - Sharon Mahan

This talk was shown at the AutismOne conference in May 2016.

Did you know that there are ingredients in our everyday products that have been linked to autism? Did you know that Europe has banned almost 1400 toxins from their personal care products and the United States has only banned 9? Jennifer Barsamian and Sharon Mahan will provide eye-opening information to help participants understand how to make safe choices when shopping for personal and home care products.​

Sharon Mahan, MBA

Sharon Mahan has an MBA from New York University and 7 years experience in corporate marketing. She is mother to an 11 year old boy with an autism spectrum disorder and is also a breast cancer survivor. These life experiences have given her a unique passion for creating a safer and less toxic word. Currently an independent consultant with Pure Haven Essentials, Sharon has been speaking on the topic of harmful chemicals in everyday products since November 2014.

Jennifer Barsamian, MS

Jennifer Barsamian's son has a manged autism recovery, and the integral piece to her son's puzzle was the removal of toxic house hold products. She likes to call her family's lifestyle "living on the prairie." Jennifer has an MS from Northwestern. She can be found on the Internet as the non-toxic mama. Jen is a consultant for Pure Haven Essentials.

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