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Believe in Yourselves More than Professionals!

This article was written by Dr. James MacDonald and shared via his yahoo group.

Believe in Yourselves More than Professionals

I say further that you need to do what evaluators only rarely do--

and that is focus on what the child can do. Professionals often seem to think that to justify their job they need to identify all kinds of mistakes your child makes.

I claim that your child does not make mistakes, they are developmental growth steps.

Professionals would go much further with our children if they would take a developmental approach by identifying what the child can do and have him do more of that.

Stop putting yourself down because you have a child doing less than same- aged peers. That does not make him wrong, and it does not make you wrong.

How often do you feel wrong when someone accuses your child of being wrong???

Don't be blown away by negative evaluations any more than if someone said you have the wrong kind of car, or dress or house.

Be proud of what you have done for yourself. That will help your child be proud of what he can do.

If he is not proud, he will do less and believe less in himself.

Realize your child is learning from you all the time and he is learning much more than what you say or try to teach him, he learns how to believe and think by watching you.


In fact they cannot know who your child is and what he does and can do unless they watch him with you and get a thorough report on what he does at home.

Also, professionals are usually asking the wrong questions. They seldom know much about early development and what children need to do before they're in school.

Skills such as social play, imitation, turntaking, deliberate communication, initiating, responding. listening, and many others are seldom evaluated and yet they are the keys to learning and communicating.

Realize that you often buy into a system that is keeping your child down.

Start seeing how and when you are doing that, such as when you push your child to do things he is not ready for,or making him avoid you and others by acting in ways he cannot try to do.

Be more focused on what your child can do and get him to do it more. At the same time, focus on what you do when he is performing well - keep doing it.

Be sure he is your partner more than your student.

Begin to be convinced the your child is your responsibility much more than the 5-26 professional who will flit by him and see only pieces of his real development.


We often act as though our children belong to the professionals and we give them away.

Please do not give your child to people who focus on the negative!

Why do you think I have focused my 40 years of work on parents?

They - you - are the answer.

Dr. Jim

Dr James MacDonald has a wonderful book called Communicating Partners. He also has a YouTube Channel and a website and a wonderful yahoo group, which is still very active. I highly recommend you check him out!

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