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What is T21 Connect?

Updated: Jan 8

My name is Katya, and I live in Scotland. We moved here 3 years ago from the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria Australia. I have 3 little girls and a wonderful and very patient husband. In 2009 we welcomed our little girl Beth into the world. She was born with Down syndrome.

We received Beth's diagnosis when she was born and I immediately took to the internet to learn all I could to help my little girl. When Beth was 2 weeks old I discovered an ebook - Naturally Better: Dramatically Improve Your Child's Life Naturally. I purchased the book could not put it down!. In a sea of negative articles I discovered this vision of what could be for my child, against the sea of mainstream advice that to be honest at the time terrified me.

Over the next few years I became a real "Therapy Mom" and we dedicated ourselves full-time to therapy for Beth to help her to be the strongest and healthiest she could be. Looking back, I gained as much from it as Beth did. I gained so much knowledge and awareness of all the ways to help Beth, and it was very empowering. We saw many different therapists and followed a Neurodevelopmental programme to help her.

My youngest was born in 2013 and, I will be honest, we moved on from doing such intense therapies with Beth. Life became more about dealing with a high needs baby and less about Beth's therapies. Throughout Beth's life we have continued to do all we can to keep Beth as healthy as possible, and still see holistic therapists and the wonderful Dr Erica Peirson has been a shining light in our team.

Over the past few years I have enjoyed helping other families via facebook groups, and I created T21 Connect in the hope that I will be able to share all the information I can find to help them and their children. There are many amazing and wonderful people out there who are learning and researching to help our children to brighter and better lives. I would like to bring these ideas together on the T21 Connect page and via the Pinterest board I have created.

The website is not intended to induce any guilt upon your family. I feel it is important that we as parents become educated and informed about different perspectives, and look into ideas that perhaps aren't right for us now, but may be in the future.

If you have any suggestions for the site, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!


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