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The Baby-Led Weaning Approach: An Excellent Feeding Option to Assist Babies with Down Syndrome in Tr

This talk was originally shown at the Autism One conference in 2014. It was organised by Down Syndrome OPTION's. To watch it click on the image above or here.


Why is the use of a baby-led weaning approach an optimal way to introduce solids to babies with Down syndrome? Baby-led weaning is a child directed feeding approach that exposes babies to a variety of healthy food choices, allowing them to develop their own food likes and dislikes while simultaneously developing strong oral motor skills and feeding skills. Baby-led weaning also encourages and further develops fine motor and self-feeding skills. This lecture will address implementation and healthy feeding choices that can positively impact the health of children with Down syndrome and their families.

Jill Rabin is a pediatric speech pathologist and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She has been working with babies at risk for feeding issues for the last 24 years. She frequently works with assisting infants with Down syndrome, preemies, and/or babies who may have more challenges with feeding, to transition to the breast. She also has extensive experience with working with babies/toddlers with feeding aversion, and provides weekly therapy to many of these clients. She worked as a speech pathologist and lactation consultant at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where she developed a feeding program in the NICU for at-risk babies. She later worked at Prentice hospital as a lactation consultant. She is an early intervention evaluator and provider, and currently has her own private practice. She has done presentations/workshops on infants with feeding issues, with an emphasis on breastfeeding. She speaks Spanish and has strong knowledge of American Sign Language.

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