• Eleanor Stewart

Sharing Strategies for Teaching Beginning Reading Skills to Learners with Down syndrome

This talk was given at the Mission Possible cruise in 2014.

Eleanor Stewart, BEd., DSRF Teacher

In this workshop we will explore a strength based approach to teaching children with Down syndrome to read. Key topics include:

  • Why use visual strategies?

  • Auditory memory and phonological awareness: learn about activities and apps to support

  • Match, Select, Name: learn the strategy and build some grids

  • High meaning sight words: learn about some reinforcement games and apps to practice

  • Sentence building: how to make personalized books, and games and apps to practice these skills

  • Beginning phonics-letter sounds and word families: recommended games and apps

The focus will be on fun and practical strategies for home and school.

Eleanor Stewart has worked at the Down Syndrome Research Foundation, Vancouver, Canada since 2008.; she is a BC certified teacher who obtained her education degree at McGill University. Eleanor is the head teacher at the DSRF and leads small group classes for young adult readers, mentors all new teachers in our one to one reading programs for learners age 3 to adult, and is a frequent presenter at workshops for families and educators. Eleanor is the author and narrator of three online videos developed by the DSRF to support families and educators who work with students with Down syndrome: Successful Strategies for Beginning Readers, Successful Strategies: Memory, Phonological Awareness and Beginning Phonics, and Successful Strategies: Developing Phonics Skills and Reading Fluency. Eleanor's presentation will provide an overview of these methods demonstrated by video footage of DSRF teachers and students. Eleanor will also share favourite iPad apps, websites and books that target specific areas of focus for developing readers of all abilities.

Mission Possible has now been renamed Rosalie's Cruises & Tours

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