• Cyndi Ringoen & Marilee Coots

Neurodevelopmental Strategies for Teaching Reading and Math

This talk was given at the Mission Possible Cruise in 2014.

Cyndi Ringoen, BA., BS., Neurodevelopmentalist & Marilee Coots, B.A., Neurodevelopmentalist

Parents will learn the most efficient ways for teaching reading and math to their children. Questions such as: “When should I teach my child to read?” –- “Should I teach phonics or sight words?” -- “Should I teach letters or words first?” -- “Why is math so difficult for kids with Down Syndrome?”, and “What is the importance of auditory processing for reading and math?” and many more concerns will be answered during this session.

Cyndi Ringoen, BA., BS., Neurodevelopmentalist

President of The International Association of Neurodevelopmentalists (ICAN)

Owner of Christian Access to Neurodevelopmental Organization (CAN-DO)

  • B. A in Applied Psychology

  • B.S in Developmental Psychology

  • ICAN Certified Neurodevelopmentalist

  • Auditory Integrated Training

  • Oral Motor (Sarah Rosenfeld-Johnson and Debra Beckman)

  • Feeding therapy

  • Bowen Therapy - Basic and Advanced

  • Rhythmic Movement Training Levels I, II and III

  • Samonas Sound Therapy

Marilee Coots, B.A., Neurodevelopmentalist

Owner of Help with Learning

Certified Neurodevelopmentalist

B.A. Psychology E.M.T. training

NACD training and certification (NeuroEducational Consultant)– 1995-1999

ICAN Certified Neurodevelopmentalist (Master Level) - 1999 to present

Bowen therapy training - Basic 1999

Samonas Sound Therapy training and certification–Levels I, II, III, IV-1999, 2004

The KI Method training – 2000, 2001

Lori Overland's Feeding Therapy, 2003

Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson's Oral Motor Therapy, 2003

EFT training - 2008 to present.

Neural Touch I – 2010

Masgutova Training : MNRI: Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration and Learning Styles

  • Motor Cognitive Development - 2010

Rhythmic Movement Training: 2008, 2009:

  • Levels I, II, III; Facial Reflexes, Language and Bonding; Preschool and Kindergarten, Cerebral Palsy, Dreams & Inner Healing, Instructor Training I

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