• Alison Wimmer

Neurodevelopment: the Holistic Approach

This talk was at the Autism One conference in May 2014, please click on the image above or here to watch Alison's talk, which was organised by Down Syndrome OPTIONs.

Alison Wimmer

Alison Wimmer will explain the fundamentals of neurodevelopment and why it works beautifully with the holistic approach to DS treatment, allowing children with developmental challenges to succeed and exceed expectations.

I will address commonly held beliefs regarding children with Down syndrome and show you how there are often more outdated beliefs than reality. She will also discuss how lack of function or development does not indicate a lack of potential: Each individual should be provided with opportunities based on a perception of unlimited potential.

Alison Wimmer has been working with special needs children since she was a child herself. At school she volunteered in the special education classroom, befriending and helping to teach children with physical and learning disabilities. Alison attended Wheelock College in Boston, intent upon becoming a special education teacher and later transferred to Flagler University in Florida, adding deaf education to her degree program. There she found herself pulled to help children with special needs in her community and volunteered hundreds of hours supporting local charitable efforts. Now, in addition to traveling worldwide and conducting evaluations for those with various needs, Alison is honored to serve on the board of directors of Down Syndrome OPTIONS, a non-profit organization educating parents on effective methods of addressing the needs of children with Down Syndrome.


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