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Do Nutritional Interventions Work for Down Syndrome? What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You!

This talk was shown in 2014 at the Mission Possible cruise.

Kent MacLeod, B.SC. PHM., Clinical Pharmacist

Evidence supporting the use of nutritional interventions for Down syndrome continues to arise and it is becoming clear that previous research declining its benefits should be dismissed on the basis of the severe limitations of the pre-existing IQ assessments for individuals with Down Syndrome. New and exciting superior tools that allow proper assessment will be discussed as well as the benefits of nutritional interventions through practical diet and supplements for an enhanced quality of life in Down syndrome.

Kent MacLeod, the founder of NutriChem in Ottawa, Canada, is an award winning pharmacist with over 30 years of experience in delivering patient centered complementary health care based on an Orthomolecular approach to health and wellness. He has researched, formulated and tested a broad range of nutritional formulas and supplements including a NutriChem vitamin line formulation for Down Syndrome. Author of Down Syndrome and Vitamin Therapy.


Mission Possible has now been renamed as Rosalie's Cruises & Tours.

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