• Dr Norman Schwartz

Biomedical Testing and Treatment. Where to Begin

This talk was given at the Autism One conference in 2014. Please click on the image above or here to view. It was organised by Down Syndrome OPTIONs

Norman Schwartz, MD, Integrative Functional Medicine

Dr Schwartz will review the medical history of Down Syndrome and how scientific advances in understanding altered physiology and biochemical imbalance in trisomy 21 have led to targeted testing and treatment interventions that improve function, restore normal physiology, treat oxidative stress, and support neurogenesis. Learn what you can do to work with your doctor to test for predictive biomarkers and start high gain, low risk interventions that can be individualized to help your child.

Dr. Norm Schwartz MD is an Integrative Functional Medicine specialist with extensive experience in treating children and adults with Down syndrome and individuals with complex, chronic medical problems. Formerly medical director of Integrative Medicine at Wheaton Franciscan Health Care he is now in private practice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

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