• Dr Norm Schwartz

Biomedical Testing and Treatment

This talk was originally given at the 2014 Mission Possible cruise.

Norman Schwartz, MD, Integrative Functional Medicine

Biomedical Testing and Treatment

Dr Schwartz will review the medical history of Down Syndrome and how recent scientific advances in understanding oxidative stress, thyroid dysfunction, and biochemical imbalances in trisomy 21 have led to targeted testing and treatment. Learn what you can do to work with your doctor to test for predictive biomarkers and start high gain, low risk interventions that can be individualized to help your child restore normal physiology, improve function, and support neurogenesis- brain's ability to create new brain cells and new connections,. He will give details on how to begin a program to: optimize nutrition and supplementation; monitor and support thyroid; choose first line, functional lab tests; avoid environmental toxins; and support detoxification. These are the building blocks needed to form a solid foundation upon which your child may flourish.

Dr. Norm Schwartz MD is an Integrative Functional Medicine specialist with extensive experience in treating children and adults with Down syndrome and individuals with complex, chronic medical problems. Formerly medical director of Integrative Medicine at Wheaton Franciscan Health Care he is now in private practice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.


Mission Possible has now been renamed Rosalie's Cruises & Tours

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