• Barbara Laird

Before Behaviour Begins / Behaviour is Communication

This talk was originally given at the Mission Possible Cruise in 2014. Handouts for this talk can be found here.

Barbara Laird, BEd., Educational Consultant

Three little words, as important to believe as "I love you." We will explore the theme that “no one is bad” and that all behaviours are a person's way of communicating with us. Every person is affected by a myriad of genetic, environmental and “people” factors and experiences that need to be understood in order to figure out why they engage in certain behaviours. Once the reasons for the behaviour are identified, understood and often predicted, then we, the adults can work towards helping a person communicate in ways that are successful.

Barbara Laird is the parent of a daughter with Down syndrome and recipient of the 2012 Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for the many years she spent advocating for the rights of special needs children and adults across Canada and the United States. Barbara, as a teacher, has been a passionate promoter of inclusive education. She is a founding member and past board member of the Down Syndrome Research Foundation and Steps Forward Inclusive Post Secondary Education Society.

In 2009 Barbara was honored to win the Champion of Inclusive Education Award from the Canadian Living Association and the B.C. Community Living Association for her service, support and advocacy for Inclusive Education in preschool, elementary, secondary and post secondary institutions. Barbara served for many years on the Special Education Advisory Committee of the Vancouver School Board. She has been involved in planning the Health and Wellbeing in Children, Youth and Adults with Developmental Disabilities Conference over the past four years. Barbara has helped many families access services and acts as an unpaid advocate for countless individuals in need. Her commitment to, and work for, inclusion, understanding and services, particularly for people with Down Syndrome, is outstanding.


Mission Possible has now been renamed Rosalie's Cruises & Tours

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