• Dr Norm Schwartz

Thyroid and Biomedical Basics: Where to begin

This talk was shown at the Autism One conference in May 2013. It was organised by Down Syndrome OPTIONs.

Dr Norman Schwartz MD

Dr. Schwartz will review the medical history and recent scientific research documenting the benefit of thyroid and nutrient support in Down syndrome. Parents can be actively involved to optimize physiology and biochemistry in their children. Focusing on thyroid dysfunction, seen in a high percentage of individuals with trisomy 21, he will review how you can best work with your doctor to test for predictive biomarkers and start high-gain, low-risk interventions to help your child thrive.

Dr. Schwartz is an integrative medicine specialist helping individuals and families who are dealing with Trisomy 21, ADHD, autism, and neurodevelopmental disorders. Formerly director of Integrative Medicine for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare in Wisconsin he is now in private practice with a special interest in the application of ecological principles in creating of a safer, more sustainable world for present and future generations.

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