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Chiropractic care for a child with Down syndrome

This article will discuss the many benefits that a Chiropractor can make to your child's general wellness. Please note it is advisable to ensure your chiro has experience of treating people with Down syndrome because of the chance of them having AtlantoAxial Instability (AAI). Information about this can be found here.

A good starting point as to the benefits of chiropractic for assisting children is this talk by Dr Genevieve Keating on Positive NeuroDevelopment from a baby to a child.

Personally we have seen a chiropractor for our daughter right from when she was only a few days old. When my daughter is sick I visit the chiro to help remove the congestion that she gets in her ears and to help ease her symptoms. I see our chiro as an invaluable part of my daughters life and would not be without them.

Some chiropractors are also trained in Retained Neonatal Reflexes.

If you click on this link you can read more about the different neonatal reflexes and how if left untreated it can affect your child. There are also tests you can do at home with your child to check for these reflexes.

Please click on this link to read some information on Down syndrome and chiropractic research.

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