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The many benefits of the MNRI / Masgutova Method for a child with Down syndrome

Source: Complementary and Alternative Medicine: talking about health + Down syndrome with Gabi Giacomin- Mummalove

MNRI Therapy stimulates reflexes to facilitate improved physical, emotional and cognitive skills. A reflex is viewed as a genetic motor code for primary and conscious motor development. MNRI techniques are designed to restore neuro-sensory-motor development, integrate primary movements, reflexes, co-ordination systems and skills to enable optimal functioning, development and learning. MNRI addresses the underlying cause of dysfunction, assisting children with Down syndrome to improve postural control, motor development, fine motor coordination, speech and thinking processes, and learning skills.

This great article Reflex Integration of Children with Down Syndrome goes further into detail on the many ways that MNRI can assist in reflex pattern integration. I also found this research article published February 2016 in the International Journal of Neurorehabilitation entitled Reflex Profile of Children with Down Syndrome Improvement of Neurosensorimotor Development Using the MNRI® Reflex Integration Program

Source: Your Mind Place

The MNRI/Masgutova Method has many key benefits which include:

  • Recognising areas of dysfunction in motor reflexes that affect congenital medical conditions, trauma (both physical and emotional) and the physical debilitation caused by them

  • Isolating affected motor reflexes

  • Activates optimal neural pathways

  • Integrates the primitive and primary motor reflexes with mature functions

  • Facilitates maturation of automatic motor schemes

  • Improves fine and gross motor skills

  • Improves motor planning

  • Improves speech and language and helps improve reading and writing skills

  • Aids in healthy cognitive development

  • Helps regulate emotions and behaviours

  • Helps develop greater social skills

By getting to the source of the dysfunction, the Masgutova method can help a child with Cerebral Palsy improve motor function. It can help an autistic child develop better cognitive, socialisation and relational abilities, and it can help a child with ADHD improve socialisation, relational, planning and generalisation skills.

The Masgutova Method also assists with other symptoms including metabolic issues, allergies, body chemical imbalances and immunodeficiencies. Dr. Masgutova’s theories suggest that there is a direct correlation between these symptoms and conditions and the body’s primary motor functions. Bringing the latter into balance can help to alleviate or even eliminate the effects of the former.

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