• JoQueta Handy

7 Essential Steps to Maximize Potential in the Child with Down Syndrome

This talk was shown at the Autism One conference in May 2015. The talk was organised by Down Syndrome OPTIONs.

JoQueta Handy, MS, CCC-SLP

In this presentation, you will learn the seven essential steps to maximize potential along with ready-to-use techniques for parents, teachers, and doctors. This innovative, child-centered model promotes a natural learning style that is in line with how the brain processes information.The result is that the child experiences an immediate decrease in frustration and increase in accuracy, allowing every child the opportunity to be an independent, competent learner.

JoQueta Handy, is a pediatric speech-language pathologist with 22 years of expertise working with children with learning challenges. She is the founder and CEO of Children's Opportunity for Brilliance (COB) International. Handy also founded Speech & Motion, Inc. in 1999, where she developed an effective educational model that is the basis for the COB Model, a web-based, education and training strategies program to help children effectively learn in the classroom.

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